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NO. 4

Art Director: Sean McCabe

Year: 2021

Time Frame: 2 weeks


The goal of this project was to tell a story through a single composition of illustrations, and to challenge the concepts of what illustration is. I decided to depict a storyline within a dream I recently had.


The project began with the photography process; I set up my tripod, makeshift lights, and self timer and started capturing photos. At first my goal was to create a cohesive piece that followed the laws of perspective, but after realizing that it would be very difficult to achieve and that the nature of the narrative was surreal, I decided to embrace the lack of perspective. This allowed me to get more creative with the photographic angles, lenses, lighting, and composition.


I then brought the RAW photos into Lightroom to enhance before bringing them into Photoshop, where I cut them out and began moving them around in a collage-like style. I experimented with various blending modes and masking techniques to create a disorienting composition. I enhanced the colors and added a gradient from left to right to help guide the eye as well as allude to the narratives development.

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