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Art Director: Caleb Heisey

Year: 2021

Time Frame: 2 weeks


This project consists of the development of a brand name, concept, and visual guide to elevate the appeal of an aesthetically boring and basic product: primer.


Primer is usually advertised as bland and basic, since a lot of this branding focuses on its ability to cover up color, but I wanted to veer away from that and focus on the potential. A lot of my conceptual inspiration came from advertisements for a very similar item: canvases. Most often the depiction of a canvas doesn’t just feature the blank canvas, but it includes colorful artwork as well to convey the potential this canvas has. 


I wanted to carry over the logic of canvas advertising to the primer as well. Instead of just conveying what it does, I wanted to convey its potential. This aspect draws people in and lets them express personal creativity, especially people who want to paint their walls with bold colors.


The brand name Lollipop was inspired by how this primer can make any paint color pop, and the tagline is derived from the phrase “lick of paint,” which means a fresh coat of paint.


The challenge with this product was to advertise the primer in a way that would demonstrate the potential of color without being confused as paint. To avoid this, I utilize the entire rainbow through holographic elements instead of just certain colors. To distinguish the two different types of primers while still keeping the designs cohesive, I utilized warm and cool color holographic paint cans 


I introduced playful and fluid shapes to depict the creative “flow” and mimic the characteristics of paint instead of the rigid shapes and text seen on most primer cans. The font I used was very experimental to compliment the holographic elements, and it paired well with the basic font used for the product name and information.

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