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Art Director: Paul Sheriff

Year: 2021

Time Frame: 1 month


This project focused on planning, proposing, and refining a series of social media posts to advocate for a social issue of our choice. Because it was a social media based project that would theoretically reach the younger population, I chose to focus on mental health advocacy.


After deciding which topic to pursue, I created a mind map of words and visual cues I thought would be useful for this topic. I then developed over 50 thumbnail sketches to narrow down which visuals, symbolism, and words I would include in my piece. I chose to depict words of affirmation and positivity as a lighthearted way to approach this topic.


I began creating three different instagram slides, each with an iconic piece of art and word of encouragement that related to that piece. At first these collage based slides stood on their own, but I felt creating a seamless carousel post for instagram would better convey the importance of these words not just on their own, but in unity with each other. I utilized collage based imagery as a metaphor for togetherness, and how these very different pieces can work together to create a stronger visual composition than they would have on their own.

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